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The all-natural skin lightening system that’s about to bryghten up the capitals private bits!


Pigmentation is regularly a topic on the lips of therapists and their clients alike; especially in the unforgiving Australian climate. But as we know, pigmentation and discolouration can be caused by many other factors than the sun. Hormonal changes, age, ethnicity and injury/trauma to the skin can all contribute to shifts in skin discolouration across the face, underarms, knees, elbows, and intimate areas such as the nipples, anal region, labia and scrotum.

At Authentix, we care about all our clients and we listen to all your needs and desires. We have spent months researching to find the safest, most effective ‘lightening/brightening’ system and have finally found a targeted, antioxidant-rich skin care system that corrects uneven skin tone, unwanted discoloration, and diminishes the appearance of dark spots over time to really Brighten Your Bits!

Skin lightening and brightening is not a new treatment, with ‘bleaching’ services available on the market for quite some time now. But many feature the likes of hydroquinone, kojic acid, and even mercury to achieve the desired result.

So, for clients wishing to expand their personal maintenance beyond their monthly wax, what solution do we have that doesn’t compromise the skin’s integrity?

The system called ‘BRYGHT’, has now been brought to Canberra by the team at Authentix, who are fully trained and keen to assist any client who isn’t happy with the skin colouring of their most private areas.


skin lightening

But what’s even better than this? All the products used are natural, fast-acting, and safe for all skin types! With continued use, overall skin appearance on the treated area will be enhanced and returned to it’s natural tone without the risk of “removing” pigment, or causing the skin to over-lighten beyond it’s natural tone. Our services are all-gender friendly, unless stated otherwise.


If you know us here at Authentix, you know we can’t get enough of a boss woman on a mission. Especially one that gives the big middle finger to those that get in their way!

The Bryght CEO and Founder, Luba Sasowski’s story, is one of those classic ‘women on a mission’ stories that makes this female-founded, owned, and operated business, even more special.


After climbing the corporate ladder in the Canadian beauty-verse, Luba pitched her ideas around personal maintenance on numerous occasions, only to be pushed back and told she’s “too young and pushing the envelope” and that her concepts were “too out of the box”.  Fast forward to over a decade later and Luba is not only the pioneer behind the Bryght professional and at-home treatments but also the proud owner of the Wax Hair Removal Bar in Vancouver and Las Vegas, not to mention her team in Vegas are the official ‘Waxperts’ for Vegas’ Chippendales – yes, the real-life Chippendales.

“I wanted to create a product to address hyperpigmentation for intimate areas. A product that was so cutting edge that people would talk and whisper about it but at the same time having it still be a safe place where they could ask questions about skin discolouration and not made to feel weird or embarrassed. I wanted it to look so beautiful and discreet that you would be proud to show it off on your counter or bedside table without anyone knowing what it was truly for”
- CEO of Bryght - Luba Sasowski


Authentix Beauty & Wellness, are totally down for this!

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** Please note - the times and prices below are exclusive of waxing services. Please book waxing service first and then add on lightening treatment. Booking Bryght alongside your waxing service ensures optimal results and proper product penetration.

** In some cases, waxing may not be required. Your therapist will complete a consultation with you, prior to your treatment.


· Areola - $90 – 30 min

· Under Arm - $99 – 30 min

· Bikini Line - $105 – 30 min

· Inner Tush (Anal Bleaching) - $130 – 45 min

· Labia (Female anatomy) - $130 – 45 min

· Scrotum - $130 – 45 min

· Pubic Mound - $110 – 30 min

· Bryghten All Your Bits (Entire Intimate Area/$125 saving!) - $350 – 1 hour





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