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At Authentix we believe that when you LOOK good you feel good and when you FEEL good you look good which is why we have combined the two.


At Authentix we believe that when you LOOK good you feel good and when you FEEL good you look good which is why we have combined the two.

We believe that true beauty can be achieved naturally, therefore our aim is to use and sell products in the salon that are: organic and/or natural where possible; not tested on animals; contain no animal derivatives; are sourced from fair trade principles. This ensures maintaining optimal health while still achieving your desired results.

Offering professional, corrective facials, a unique bi-phase facial peel, Seven Spectrum LED Light Therapy (SSLED), hot stone massage and relaxation massage, waxing – including brazilian and eye-brow specialists, tinting, manicures, pedicures, shellac nails, eyelash extensions, eye-lash lifting, organic spray tanning, artistic make up design and packages personally designed for each individual.

We offer Canberra's first and only closed system colon hydrotherapy service, combining beauty with the power of wellness.

Located in Canberra's inner northern suburb of Dickson with convenient parking right at our door.

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Whether you choose an express facial, a unique bi-phase peel or an Intensive Cosmeceutical treatment, the therapist will analyse your skin and discuss with you what your concerns and goals are and then use and recommend products that can best achieve the desired results.


Seven Spectrum LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that targets all skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, aging, fine lines and scarring, rosacea, stretch marks, de-hydration, inflammation, psoriasis, eczema and sagging skin. It strengthens the skin and can increase collagen production by as much as 200%.


When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. It delivers skin health results through professional recommendation, not through sparkly packaging, promises of miracle cures or overblown hype. They have a no animal testing policy and it is environmentally friendly. This is why we chose this professional product line.

Artistic Make-up Artistry

Our qualified make-up artists use YOUNGBLOOD mineral make-up for this service. We chose YOUNGBLOOD because it is free from parabens, talc, fragrance and mineral oil and just as importantly, is animal cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

Bernard Cassière Paris

An exciting, professional-only treatment range from Paris, now available in Australia exclusively through approved professional skin care salons, clinics and spas. The Beauty alternative, with a unique concept that combines creativity, originality, modernity and nature. A socially responsible company with strong ethical values. Fair trade principles – buying actives from the region they originate at a fair price and with environmental protection. Natural extracts of aloe Vera, bamboo, argan, bilberry, lemon, mint and berries. The range also encompasses a unique hydroxyl peeling technique using glycolic combined with pomegranate extracts for maximum results.

Hot Stone Massage

Stone therapy has the ability to bring to the body a profound sense of balance and peace, with each person deriving this balance in their own unique way. Our Therapists use smooth, heated stones, enriched with the healing energy we gain by regularly soaking them in the suns’ natural warmth and light. The stones are then used either as an extension of the Therapists own hands, or by resting them on the body as they work through other aspects of your massage. The heat is both deeply relaxing and helps warm up stressed or taut muscles, meaning the Therapist is able to provide deeper, quicker results. This is a great year- round treatment, and makes a delightful ‘Pamper Package’ for yourself or someone you love.

Eyelash Extensions

Accentuate the beauty of your own lashes. This process is semi-permanent and involves the professional adhesion of a single, synthetic lash to each individual lash of your own, one by one. This results in a beautiful, longer and thicker extension of your very own lashes. They feel and look natural and will last for approximately 3-4 weeks.

Spray Tanning

We use Eco Tan and Naked Tan because of their formulation of organic and natural ingredients. Contains no Nano particles, parabens, SLS sulphates or alcohol.

Juice Cleansing

THE FIX –Cold Pressed Juices: Canberra’s first cold pressed juice company - We work closely with the wonderful team at The Fix because a juice cleanse, may it be a 1 day or 5 day cleanse, gives your digestive system a break from having to digest foods while still having all your nutritional needs met. We can offer both these treatments together as they work so well. While your body is detoxifying during the juice cleanse, a colonic will help by speeding up the detoxification process.

Colon Hydrotherapy

About Colon Hydrotherapy (PDF)

Colon hydrotherapy is the introduction of warm filtered water into the colon, removing waste material that your body may not be removing effectively. This results in a healthy digestive environment, which encourages the growth of healthy bacteria. Generally our digestive systems are overworked and sluggish due to overeating, medications, fast foods, processed and genetically modified foods, toxins, alcohol consumption and, most typically, stress. This contributes to poor digestion which results in symptoms such as excessive gas, bloating and/or constipation. Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the best ways to cleanse your colon, detox the body and reduce digestive discomfort as well as helping minimize the chances of bowel cancer forming. It can assist in a wide range of issues including constipation, bloating, flatulence, depression/anxiety, poor skin health, infertility, weight management, low immune systems, disturbed sleep patterns, IBS/Crones and concentration problems.
The Fix

Cancellation Policy

Our clients are important to us so in order to maintain allocated appointment times all services over the value of $80 require a credit card number upon booking. We understand that things come up but we ask for a minimum of 24 hours cancellation time otherwise 50% of the service will be debited to that card number.



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